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Hot Stone Massages

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What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage uses heated stones, as the name indicates. For example, heated river stones or lava shells are used by Piva beer Spa therapists because they are smooth and absorb heat remarkably well. The massage therapist warms the stones up to about 45–50°C before your session using a particular heater. Because a trained therapist makes sure the temperature is just right and constant, you don't need to be concerned that you could burn. They won't heat the stones in a microwave or any other way since doing so would result in an uneven or erroneous temperature.

Is Hot Stone Massage Chicago good for you?

The perks of receiving a hot stone massage Chicago are frequently extolled. For example, they report feeling less anxious and tense and reduced back discomfort. Although additional research is required to determine why hot stone massage is beneficial, it appears that it is. Some advantages of hot stone massage & Aromatherapy Full Body Massage Chicago are particular, while others are thought to be related to the general benefits of massage.

What does a Hot Stone Massage include?

Body massage with warm, soft stones is a physical treatment known as "massage with hot stones." For instance, while giving you a massage, a therapist may place hot stones on particular areas of your body and leave them there. Targeted heat and weight of the tissue warm and relax muscles, enabling the massage therapist to use more pressure without discomfort in certain areas.

Hot Stone Massage aftercare

We advise you to follow our massage aftercare recommendations if you have a hot stone massage Chicago. Drink plenty of water, especially since the heat may cause you to sweat and dehydrate. Additionally, flushing water through your system is the most incredible way to control the passage of pollutants.

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